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Youtube Q3 2018. YouTube removes 16 million channels, 78 million videos !!

↖↗YouTube removes 16 million channels, 78 million videos !!

In the 3rd quarter of 2018, video sharing site YouTube deleted 78 million videos and 224 million comments.

 In addition, 1.6 million channels have been closed. In the history of YouTube, so many channels have been closed for the first time. These videos have been removed due to not being consistent with YouTube's policy.

YouTube said in a statement that if we can detect any video that violates our policies,

 we remove them. Besides, we also took necessary measures against the channel. The videos that are banned on YouTube are blocked when the video is viewed on our platform. Even if a video is outside the policy, the channel is closed.

The organization is using human observers, including technology to remove inappropriate content on YouTube. YouTube has been using more advanced technologies since 2017.

Spam or adult content, malicious statements, videos of terrorist activities, 90 percent of YouTube's video scanned.

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