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Firewatch Game Review|Firewatch Potato PC Game Review|TechyfyBD

|Firewatch Game Review|Firewatch Potato PC Game Review|


So today we will review a First Person Narrative based Adventure game. This type of game is called Walking Simulator. Game name Firewatch.

Game Info:

➡️Game - Firewatch
Developer - Campo Santo
Publisher - Panic, Campo Santo
Platform - Windows, OS X, Linux, PS 4, Xbox One, Switch
Release - WW: February 9, 2016
Xbox One
NA: September 21, 2016
Nintendo Switch
WW: December 17, 2018
Genre - First Person Adventure, Walking Sim
Firewatch Game Review|Firewatch Potato PC Game Review|TechyfyBD


➡️ Since this is Narrative based Walking Sim, this is the main element of Story and Dialogue. The story of the game begins with our main character Henry, but not directly in the gameplay, with some text that shows Henry's backstory. Her stool is related to Julia Alzheimer's disease. Henry takes fireworks work in the forest to spend time in a while without being able to bear it. Firewatch's work is to keep the news of where the forest burned or not, and to inform the authorities about the fire. His exclave is a tower in the middle of the forest. As long as he is engaged in this job he must stay in it. As soon as he entered the tower, he gets a radio and the Radio is familiar with the Firewatch Delilah of the Tavern. Delilah and Henry's conversations through the radio's main feature is that radio. Every day Delilah has done a lot of minor work according to its indigenous, and their relationship is deeper, but after some days some strange events happen. Henry sees the shadow of a man who is watching him, and besides, two kisori forests, which came to the forest, disappeared. Erkum Nanan strange story Henry thinks there is a big problem here.
Firewatch Game Review|Firewatch Potato PC Game Review|TechyfyBD

Anyway, the more talkable spell of the story will not be said. Many people were disappointed with the end of this story, but I said the ending was pretty good. Reallyistic was a word.

There is nothing like GameGame in the game which is like the game of Walking Simulator. Moving a small number of small objects with a mouse click can be used to move. However, the main part of the gameplay is that when talking to Delilah through the radio, it is also possible to reach the dialogue, and reach the stage from one place to another. For directions, a map and compass will be used by Henry, and using them, the plier should go to different places of the forest.

Firewatch Game Review|Firewatch Potato PC Game Review|TechyfyBD

Graphics of the game are quite artistic and gorgeous Somewhat colorful and can be said. But the effect of red or orange color is a little higher. With the original theme of the game, it means that it has been done to match Fire. However, in my opinion the graphics are quite well with this type of game.

This game should be appreciated not just by the graphics but voice actors. These two people voice actors have beautifully presented Henry and Deliliah with the Perfect Voice Acting and Realistic Review.
The traditional Action Firewatch game from the whole Puri-free game to the Religious Games. Those hardcore action religious gameplay lover may not like them, but those who like a little reeling and studio heavy games will have a game of mast play for them.

Firewatch Game Review|Firewatch Potato PC Game Review|TechyfyBD

➡️System Requirements:

Official Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows 7 or higher 64bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 450 or higher with 1GB Memory
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 4 GB available space
Note - Official sys req hit the ball

My Config -

OS: Win 7 64 bit
CPU: Dual Core E5700
GPU: HD 5450 1GB DDR3
Ram: 2GB
Note - With this config, a maximum of 15-20fps pixi will be available with low resolution and 480p. Occasionally freeze is framedrop, but since Walking Sim Type games are not so much of a problem. I could not take the full graphics

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