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To The Moon PC Game Review | To The Moon Full Game Review |


Let's talk about a lot of 3D games. Let's see a 2D game. There are many people who think the 2D game means kids of punk kids. They just do not play it because they just look at the graphics. But the real thing is that these thoughts are actually subdued and closed-ended. Everybody has requested a little open minded. Well, let's go to the original review without raising the word.

➡The name of the game Too the Moon is a Story based 16bit 2D game. The story of the game is in the near future, where a company called Sigmund Corp invented an instrument that can be converted into a human memory. Now they use this technology to fill the memory of dead patients and complete their last wish by changing it. Now the gamer will have to control 2 employees of that company. To fulfill the last wish of those who came to Johnny, a humble person's house.

They decided in the last remembrance of the lawful principles and asked for his last wish. Jonny said his last wish is to go to the moon but if you know what to do then you will have to play the game.

Your two employees in the game will have to go back to their past by releasing various events and mysteries from the oldest memories of Jonny, in this way, the whole life story of the gamer Jonny and his relationship with his late wife River will be known to all. The game is a game of many emoticons. My life is a game of primitive game that makes me cry so much

➡➡Gameplay is as simple as 6-7 puzzles that can be solved with little effort. The rest of the time you have to interact with various things in Jonny's memory and take the store forward. Not Gameplay or Graphics. If you are stereo like me and want to taste a stellar and emotional story, then this game is for you.

➡️Awards -
Metacritic - Best User Rated Game
RPG fan - Best Indie RPG
Gamespot - Best Story

➡️General info-
Developers - Freebird Games
Publishers - Freebird Games, X.D Network (Android)
Engine - RPG Maker XP (PC), Unity (Android)
Platform - Windows, Android
Release Date - November 1, 2011
Genre - Adventure Story Game, Puzzle

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